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"We Open Minds for Life"

Discovering Choices is a Calgary Board of Education High School outreach program. We offer courses based on Alberta Education high school curriculum and work experience opportunities. Our enrolment includes students who are between 15 and 19 years old as of September 1st.

Room 206 315 10th Ave SE Calgary AB

Tel: (403) 268-3265 Fax: (403) 268-6429

Work Experience: (403) 268-3779


Website: Calgary Board of Education -


School Fees

Double Registration

Child Minding

Hours of Operation


Students interested in registering in Discovering Choices must

  • Be between the ages of 15 and 19 years old as of Sept 1
  • Have an intake appointment
  • Complete all the necessary registration forms
  • Supply a transcript if available
  • Have NO outstanding books/fees from former school

New students registering with Discovering Choices need to complete 3 credits in a commitment phase usually in either Career and Technology Studies or Work Experience before beginning any core courses. When students present with special circumstances (eg. already have 90 credits) entrance criteria and alternatives can be discussed and re-evaluated.

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School Fees:

There is an Instructional Resource Fee of $140.00 per school year. For those unable to pay the entire fee at once, please see a staff member to arrange a payment schedule. An administration fee may be applied for NSF cheques.

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Double Registration:

Being enrolled at two schools within the Calgary Board of Education at once is a unique situation. Students who plan to attend another school while retaining Discovering Choices status should discuss course planning and fill out appropriate forms with a staff member.

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Child Minding

Available on premises. Discuss with staff members. Further details are also available on the Child Minding page.

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Hours of Operation:

Monday 8:45 - 12:15 class

1:00 - 3:15 class
Tuesday 8:45 - 12:15 class

1:00 - 3:15 class
Wednesday 8:45 - 12:15 class

1:00 - 2:30 class

4:15 - 6:30 Check Schedule
Thursday 8:45 - 12:15 class

1:00 - 3:15 class
Friday 8:45 - 12:45 class

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